The Unofficial AdFlex Blog – Ask Your Question Here!

The Unofficial AdFlex Blog – Ask Your Question Here!

Note – April 11, 2008

This post doesn’t accept Comments/Questions for the moment. A separate forum will be dedicated to answer questions related to the AdFlex SEO WordPress theme. The forum is expected to open on beginning of May 2008. Thanks for your patience.

Today, I’ve decided to open this blog to give you some useful information related to AdFlex.

So let’s say that this is the unofficial blog of the AdFlex project and I’ll try to answer the different questions you may have regarding the SEO WordPress themes Ad Flex Blog, Ad Flex Niche, AdFlex SEO, and also the upcoming AdFlex Light, AdFlex Pro and AdFlex Advanced.

I’ll also cover other useful information that might help you understand better how to play with the different SEO tools, techniques and strategies to get more chance to win the search engine ranking race. So you can expect to read some information on topics like Search Engines (mainly Google), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google AdSense and of course Internet Marketing in general.

As I’m formally an Internet Technology and Security Architect, I’ll also try to share with you some knowledge on Internet/Web Architecture, Development, Technologies and Security.

OK, it’s an ambitious plan that will depends on the available time.

So let’s start by asking any questions you may have regarding AdFlex and the above mentioned items.

Posted on Apr 2nd, 2007 by VK

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95 thoughts on “The Unofficial AdFlex Blog – Ask Your Question Here!

  1. dolmadis

    Hi VK

    The WP Plugin is called Events.

    It does not involve making a post as some others do and does not make a mess of Recent Posts etc.,

    I used PaintShop Pro for the banners and Photomatix Pro for the ads in batch mode but I could also use Photoshop CS2 which I have. I will try that out. Thank you for the tip.

    For the panos I used Autostitch_ V2.185



  2. VK Post author


    Thanks for the reference to WP Events plug-in. Indeed, it looks much better if it doesn’t involve the creation of a new post that would give the side effect on the Recent Posts.

    Thanks also for the reference to Photomatix Pro. I used to rely on Fireworks for the batch processing of the image operations. I’ll have a look at Photomatix Pro to see if it’s even more powerful and flexible.



  3. VK Post author


    When I use the block ad on the full article page, the block is above the article. I would like it so that the article wraps around the google ad block that is either justified left or right. I normally know how to do this, just not sure how to accomplish this in your set up. If you can point me to the right place to make this change, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

    There’re several places in Ad Flex Options where you can drop your AdSense code to get what you want. Just it may look a bit confusion for people at first and in the same time it’s required for us to give a maximum flexibility and customization aspect to match the taste of each users.

    In your case, I think you can get what you want by adding your AdSense code that you want to be display at the top by doing as follow:

    1) In WP Admin \ Presentation \ Ad Flex Options, located the section “Content › Ad Banner Begin Content Options” and then look for the option “Ad Banner Begin Content Code”.

    2) Drop your AdSense code there but you’ll have to add a XHTML table that will include your AdSense code. Here is a first version of the XHTML code you can add before and after your AdSense code:

    <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="350" align="left" border="0">
    <script type="text/javascript"><!--
    google_ad_client = "pub-ID";
    google_ad_width = 336;
    google_ad_height = 280;
    google_ad_format = "336x280_as";
    google_ad_type = "text";
    google_ad_channel = "";
    <script type="text/javascript"

    Of course, you’ll need to adjust the different parameters of the XHTML table to make it perfect for you. For instance, if you want your AdSense banner to be displayed at the right of the text instead of left, you’ll need to have something like that:

    <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="350" align="right" border="0">

    Now I’ve used the table pameters without using a CSS style. I’ll try to add a second version of the same table effect that can be done with a CSS style.

    3) Then ensure you’ve activate the option “Ad Banner Begin Content Visibility”

    4) If you don’t want the AdSense banner to appear on the homepage, you can disable the option “Ad Banner Begin Content Visibility on Homepage”

    5) If you don’t want the AdSense banner to appear when you surf on your own blog, you can activate the option “Ad Banner Begin Content Visibility based on Blocking Cookie”, and activate
    “Blocking Cookie Enabled” in the section “Blocking Cookie Options”.

    It permits you to surf your site without the AdSense banner to show up while it’s still displayed for other users.

    Hope it helps.


  4. VK Post author


    As your blog at uses a wide layout, you may be interested to try the a new wide skin that is included with latest Ad Flex The skin has a bigger font size and a different font style. In fact, it’s the skin that is currently used for the AskVK blog.


  5. Doug


    I want to thank you for the quick reply. wow. Great support. I actually tried something similar to what you suggested by adding table code before contacting you. However, that did not work for me and the code you supplied, I dropped it in the container and it did not do anything. The ad still appears above the post. I am wondering if there is something in the CSS overriding the table and keeping the text from wrapping around it. Here is a link to a post if you want to check it out to see what it is doing.


  6. VK Post author


    I’ve implemented the exact same code on Ask VK as well as on another blog at URL: and it works fine, so it should also work fine.

    I think if you copy the code as is, you may have a problem with the special quote that is displayed by WordPress.

    Please have a look at the code and replace the special quote ” by the typical quote ", so you have to change to be sure you end up with a line like that:

    <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="350"" align="left" border="0">

    It should work fine for you as it works for me.

    Keep me informed.


  7. Doug


    I did not want to say it before, but I knew the problem was me. ha ha. That did the trick. That was probably the problem when I was implementing my own table before posting originally. It’s always the little things. Thanks so much!

    As for the ranking, I got a ways to go on this SEO thing, but I am looking forward to what I can do with your optimized templates. I will definitely look at your article on permalink structure. i kind of thought I was on the right track with that, but I am sure you guys are going to teach me something I did not know.


  8. Doug

    I read the SEO article regarding the permalink structure. If I read the article correctly, the *best* for SEO is the /%postname%/ . So I changed my structure to that one. I am sure when I am done I will probably have way over 50 categories and I thought that using /%category%/%postname%/ would help me rank well for the various categories, but I found interesting about how that system would dilute page rank for individual pages in your opinion. I had not heard that before. I think that is where I get confused on search engine friendly vs search engine optimization.

  9. VK Post author


    In fact the PR (Google PageRank) used to be the main element for Google ranking algo. The PR relies on mathematical algos, and different researches have been done since years and have already guessed well the way the PR mechanism works. Of course, the exact level of PR score and weight that are based on mathematical probabilities.

    There’re also some good mathematical materials around the matter. You can find them if you do some search via Google. I also understand that it’s not always accessible by everybody.

    Now even if the mechanism of PR is well understood and documented since some time, Google doesn’t only rely on the PR algo. Google Ranking Score is the combination of the PR algo + more than 100 other algos.

    On top of that, Google algos constantly change. They have to do that to keep the relevancy of their search results and fight against spammers. Spammers get also adapt to new Google algos, and then it forces again Google to update their algos to defense it better.

    SEO is like Internet Security or IT security in general, it’s the constant fight between the people who protects against threats and people who try to exploit vulnerabilities.

    Finally, to better understand SEO, one needs to get in the mindset of Google developers and the different way they can do to protect against spammers. They also s/w algos and also human quality controls.

    Sure SEO is not fun for everybody except some real tech SEO who have to certainly appreciate constant and stressful challenges and maths in some degrees ;-).

    OK wish you all the best in your Web site publishing and IM activities.


  10. Laurie

    Hey there, VK and Doug.

    I think what Doug wants to do is float the adsense box either left or right. Justify is the wrong word. Any way, that’s what I’ve been trying to do for several weeks, on and off.

    And today I figured it out. You’ve got to put the ad box in a div.

    AdSence code

    div.ad_left {
    float: left;
    margin-right: 7px;

    I,ve left the table there but I think it’s probibly not needed.



  11. Dolmadis

    Hi VK

    Would appreciate your help getting the format of Comments right – text too small.

    Have fiddled with a few plugins to no avail.

    Example here

  12. Dolmadis

    Hi VK

    Fixed it. Used a Plugin called Brian’s Threaded Comments. The comments.php from that plugin in the Adflex Blog Theme works well.

  13. Dolmadis

    Hi VK

    My RSS feed is giving the following error page in my configuration of plugin Fedafi. Has this anything to do with the AdFlex Blog Theme? I am using version (h). Any fix would be most welcome

    The XML page cannot be displayed
    Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.


    The stylesheet does not contain a document element. The stylesheet may be empty, or it may not be a well-formed XML documen…

  14. Laurie

    G’day there VK.

    Well, I’m still having terrible trouble with the supplemental index and have made some changes to try and overcome this.

    Among the changes, I have deleted my news blog from the domain and got a new domain and hosting for that blog. Starting again from scratch.

    Hear are some requests for additions in a new version of Adflex:

    1) A left hand column. I’ve moved the top ad box. This does the job while there are only Google ads in it, but SEO may be compromised by the external links that I’ve also added, since this is between the h1 and h2 in the code.

    2) I was hoping to use the blogroll for the external links, but I see there is no blogroll with Adflex, for obvious reasons in normal blogging use.

    3) I haven’t looked into it yet but I suppose I can ad a weather box to the custom code in the sidebar.

    4) It would be good if there were a couple of boxes in various parts of the page that can be visible only on the homepage, in order to minimize duplicate content. The weather, external links and big announcements could go in such boxes.

    I’m starting to think that I’m expecting too much of a general purpose blog and should look for an online news WP theme. Comments?


  15. Laurie

    Oh, VK. I was mistaken about the blogroll. Sorry about that.

    I’ve put my external news links in the blogroll. Of course, I’ll need to manage them manually. I’ll see how that goes.

    But it would still be helpful if there could be a left sidebar that is not at the top of the code.


  16. Karl K


    Thanks for all the help!

    The new FBI site is going strong thanks to AdFlex, without the ads obviously.

    Here are a couple of the news sites that caught it:

    Video clips:

    It’s been on the national news with MSNBC, and about every news channel in Texas one can think of. An FBI press release doesn’t hurt, but the AdFlex theme really is pretty close to perfect.

    I look forward to putting a lot more projects together on AdFlex.

    Talk to you soon!

  17. Ken


    I’m just in the beginning stage of creating this blog and I love your theme. How difficult would it be for me to widgetize the sidebar? Am I looking at minutes or hours?

  18. Wally

    Hi. I just found your AdFlex template. Pretty cool. On your AdFlex SEO page you describe how to provide links asscoated with the random images. In your next version, will you have a simpler method for doing this? Seems like this could be done with a table?

    Also, if I have some “hidden” stuff (Kontera, HitTail codes, analytics codes, etc.), where is the best place to put those. Should I edit the theme itself, or use one of the Adsense entry boxes? Suggestions?

    Thank. And great work.

  19. Wally

    Hmmm. I just noticed…. In the navigation box in the sidebar, I have 2 home links? It lists Home, About, Home. Both urls are identical.

    Suggestion for next release… Ability to open/close each admin section (using +/-). Similar to the categories, discussion, post password, etc. boxes on the “write” page.

    Thanks again

  20. Wally

    A couple more questions if you don’t mind 🙂

    1) Is the limit of random images 8? Or will it randomly rotate from a group of more than 8?

    2) Is it possible to somehow link banners, backgrounds, and image “groups” to specific categories? For instance, if the website is about animals, could banners and images related to – say – tigers be shown if the category was “tigers”? With a jungle background. One thought that comes to mind grouping the images by some kind of prefix, but I have not looked at the code in depth (which might not help anyway :).

    3) When viewing a post/article, I would like to have the title at the top of the page show the current category rather than repeat the title of the post. Using the previous example, if the category “tigers” is selected, the index page title would read “Category: Tigers”. Then, when a post/article is selected, the title at the top would still read “Category: Tigers”, while the actual post title would read “King of the Jungle” (or whatever). Easy change? Or not?

    Thanks in advance,

  21. Wally

    Hi. Me again 🙂

    Regarding my question #2 above – how easy would it be to link item groups to categories based on subfolder? Again with my example, if the category is “tiger”, could the rotator be pointed at “ads/tiger”?

  22. Wally

    Sorry to be such a pest. After some trial and error, I got the sub-folder “read” to work. The code checks for a folder named the same as the category, and loads images from that folder if it’s not empty. Now, on to getting the associated links to work…

    One more question. I noticed the code building alt text for the image, but the alt text only shows up on the first image. Is there a reason for this? SEO related perhaps?

    Again, thanks for the really cool template.

  23. Roy Kohn

    Can I create pages that don’t automatically get put as a navigation link. To have a static page as my home page I have to point it to an existing page. I also want to create pages for different reasons that I link to from article but I don’t want them as Nav pages. Simple question, I’m sure.
    Thank you and I really loike how this hlds our hands but we can still edit to our own ability. I’m discovering how to do this at

  24. Roy Kohn

    Oh yeah… I also wanted to find out if the shaded boxes that contain Nav, Categories, About and the rest can be altered. I’d like to snug them up a little on the bottom or make them tighter around the text.
    Thanks again!! Roy

  25. Paul

    I am using the adfelx blog template and although I have entered the meta description and keywords the adsense ads on the index page continues to shows ads regarding wordpress, etc. Seems like it is not picking up the meta descriptions.

    All adsense ads are correct when the full article is displayed.


  26. Gary

    I just discovered your blog theme the other day and really think it’s very cool. I’ve been having to tweak my .css and .php in my blog and it’s been a real hit and miss since I barely understand .html. You took all the work out of it so I’m switching to your niche theme.

    So thanks!!

    I do have a question. Is there a way to stop the random rotation of the 8 images? Since you can use them as links also I have an idea I would like to try for my layout but I can’t have them moving around in rotation.


  27. Gary

    I just can’t seem to get adsense to show up in my “Content › Ad Banner Begin Content Options”
    on the front page. I’ve checked and unchecked everything. I can get adsense in the post but not in
    the content of the front page. What am I doing wrong?


  28. VK Post author


    I just can’t seem to get adsense to show up in my “Content › Ad Banner Begin Content Options”
    on the front page. I’ve checked and unchecked everything. I can get adsense in the post but not in the content of the front page. What am I doing wrong?

    Please check you have the following options set as follows:

    Under the section “Content › Ad Banner Begin Content Options”:
    1) “Ad Banner Begin Content Visibility” set to “Visible”

    2) “Ad Banner Begin Content Visibility on Homepage” set to “Visible”

    This specific option will tell to show the AdSense Ad even when the homepage is displayed.

    3) “Ad Banner Begin Content Code” set to your AdSense ad code that uses a 336×280 format as it’s known to be among the most efficient for such specific use.

    4) “Ad Banner Begin Content Format” set to “336×280”.
    This option is not yet taken into account but for sake of precision, better to have it synchronized with your AdSense format used in point 3.

    It should work fine to have the AdSense Ad displayed on the homepage.

    5) For SEO, please also ensure you have set “On” to the option “Force Unique Blog URL” under section “Search Engine Options”. It tells AdFlex to only show a unique version of your web site either the or the but never both. This option permits to avoid the duplicate content issues with Google if you don’t set it. The choice of the blog URL is based on the value set by the ‘WordPress Blog Address (URL)’ option.

    All the best,

  29. Harley Stagner

    Hello VK,

    I was just wondering how to get rid of the redundant Title text on the posts that show up. All I want is the small link title text so that the plain post title text does not show up underneath the 4 images.

    For an example please take a look at some of the posts at

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


    Harley Stagner

  30. Efrain


    First and foremost, thank you for this theme, it is awesome. I dont know much about customizing, but with this theme I have made my blog look sweet.

    How can I make the font bigger for the content and comments?
    it is really hard to read being so small.


  31. Mike

    I am very interested in your wordpress themes, but will they work with WP 2.3.2? If so, where can I download them?

  32. Dave


    I have now converted all of my Blogs over to your ad-flex-blog theme, using it with WordPress version 2.3.2, and I must say that I am very pleased with the format and display. I have one small problem with one of my sites. I have some widgets that need to run, to display some different quotes at the top of the sidebar each day. I was wondering if you can direct me to some help on getting your theme widgetized. If there are any examples, that would be great, because I am new to doing custom style sheets. I have only used the themes that are readily available on the web, and have not modified any of them very much.


  33. Charley

    Hello VK,

    Firstly let me say “Thank You” for a great theme, I have been scouring the web for weeks looking for a theme. My search ended when I found yours. I have spent the last couple days playing, and learning the many features and I am very impressed to say the least.

    I have changed my banner and ads, no problems there, however I am struggling trying to understand how to make them click able links. I have followed the instructions located here.

    I have created the text files and added them to the folder but I am confused as to what else I may be missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  34. Charley

    Hi again VK,

    I noticed that there is not a date stamp next to my posts. Is there a way to ad that. I have looked all through the theme editor and the write section. Not sure if I looked right at it and just missed it.

    Thanks Again

  35. Charley

    Sorry Vk
    I entered the wrong email for the last two posts, the correct one is in this reply.


  36. Charley

    Hello again, just wanted to let you know I found the date stamp in the options panel and just as I thought it was right under my nose. (-:


  37. Joe

    Greetings From The Alps,

    Before all else, thumbs up for AdFlex. I’m in the very early stages of setting up AdFlex and when I click on Valid XHTML I receive a generated report that contains mention of 161 “errors”, which I don’t begin to be able to correct. (I’m a marketer, not a developper)

    What bothers me more is the fact this makes my site so easily accessible to competition. It’s a breeze to click on this link and just check out which Alink terms I use, which keywords I promote, and so on… (it’s like giving away which horse I bet on at the racetrack, which isn’t necessarily a good thing). What would you suggest I do to publish less obviously?

    I also have the challenge of making my adsense ads appear, I’ve tried numerous combinations and even had to start from scratch (reloading the original WP code, new SQL, the works – grumble! -, as a non code initiate, I guess this comes with the territory) untill I noticed that my .htaccess file had been rewritten… (as to why, …I’m still scratching my head)

    I’d like to set up many more and I’m also looking for a way to post more easily. I’ve tried to set up posting by email (a WP function), but I still have to get a grip on that. Are there other options?

    As a marketer, quite naturally, I see the potential commercial value of AdFlex, which I feel could become the source of many a sale. If you are interested in setting up a JV, I would be keen to be involved somehow.

    Meanwhile, I’m rooting for your exponential success.

  38. Gene

    I am creating a Web site with Ad-Flex Blog and find your design perfect — well, almost! I have four design tasks that I hope you can help me accomplish and, even better, if possible, add to your options because I think others may find the following improvements useful, too.

    1. The most important task is to display advertising, such as Adsense. Though you do provide ways to do this, you do not provide the obvious, and proven to be effective one: a separate column, just for ads, that goes either on the far left, or on the right, on either the right or left side of the existing right column. I would like the links and the ads-in-a-column visible at the same time; the way you have it now, if I put the ads, especially a long “skyscraper” ad, at the top of the right column, the links get pushed down to where much or all of the links are not visible. If I put the links on top, then the ads are not visible and people using only the uppermost links may never scroll down far enough to see the ads. Also, if I can add a column, do you know whether it makes a difference to search engines (ranking) whether the ad column is on the far left or on the right? I think I read somewhere, that spiders prefer to see a page’s text first, before ads, photos, etc. Anyway it would be nice to be able to place the ad-column in different locations to determine which location gets the most clicks. Or at least, for those of us who want an additional column only for ad, perhaps you could to your ad-banner section, a “Side Banner Options” section with a box to paste-in Adsense (or other) code and then click “visible” or “hidden” and choose column alignment “left,” “right,” “second-from-right,” adjust column width, etc.

    2. In every page and post (for example, About), the title appears twice — once in the upper-left corner as plain text, above the four photos, and again, below the photos, as a blue link that … well, I’m not sure what it does. Where does the link take me, from say, a post and do I really need it — and if I do need it, why do I also need the plain-text title, too. Can I — can you provide a way to — disable one or the other so that the title appears only once?

    3. One purpose of my site will be to allow people to discuss a book I have written, along with individual chapters — one page for general comments and one page for each chapter. I would like to have these links appear in their own right-column section, below a large black plain-text title, “Discuss the Book,” that looks like the existing “Navigation” and “Recent Post” titles, and I would like “Discuss the Book” appear just below “Navigation” — in its own colored box, just like “Navigation.” Your options already contain “Sidebar” and “Recent Posts” sections that one can hide/unhide and rename. Perhaps, you could copy and paste the codes for one of these, perhaps alter it slightly, to add one or two additional “option” sections that one could hide/unhide, name, and add links, text, photos or whatever.

    4. Finally, a small matter perhaps, but when I create pages and subpages, it is difficult to tell which are the subpages because the amount of the indent is so small. Is there a way to increase the indent? As with everything above, it would be nice to have a subcategory-indent option; come to think of it, it would be nice to be able to choose a separate font, font-size and font-color.

    I encourage you to consider adding these improvements but in the meantime, can you tell me, and other users of your almost-perfect design, a way to code them myself?


  39. Gene

    I hate to bother you with another question, but: Is it possible to turn the four images that appear randomly at the tops and bottoms of pages, into clickable thumbnails that will take one to larger images. My book is about the Middle East and it would be wonderful to be able to display random photos of the Middle East, that people could click to get a larger view.

    Thanks again!

  40. Gene

    When I add new categories, they appear at the top of the list and push the existing categories down. I need my categories in a specific order. How do I make new categories add to the bottom so as not to disturb the order of the existing categories. If I want to add to the middle of a list, how do I re-order the categories?

  41. mclord


    First, thank you for a wonderful theme! It works like a charm.

    However, I do have some questions but it seems as if VK has abandoned this forum… ? There are very few, if any, answers to users questions. Are you still here?

    And is Ad Flex Niche 0.9 ever going to be released?

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