Google Toolbar PageRank (PR) Update

Google Toolbar PageRank (PR) Update

Google Toolbar PageRank (PR) Update in 2011

On January 20th 2011, Google has updated the PageRank that you see in the Google Toolbar.

Google Toolbar PageRank (PR) Update in 2010

Update started on April 2010.

Google Toolbar PageRank (PR) Update in 2007

It seems that the Google PR Update or more precisely the Google Toolbar PR export is underway.

I’ve noticed some movements since April 28, 2007.

I’m quite glad with the PR update results for the couple of web sites we own. We do mainly much better:

I only saw some PR decreases for some of the expired domain names I’ve recently bought, which indicates me to be more careful when playing with expired domain names due to the fact it’s too visible for Google.

Of course, the PR factor is just one of the many factors in the Google ranking equation. The PR may be the most visible factor as we can all see it in the Google toolbar but it’s not an accurate index as PR are changing everyday but only reflected in the Google Toolbar PR once every 3 months.

The PR score has also decreased a lots in term of weight in the Google ranking score. Now the most important factor is what people used to call the Google TrustRank (Trust Score) that combines the PR score with other ranking scores calculated from 100+ different Google algorithms.

Anyway, I hope all of you are glad with the Google PR update. Please feel free to share and discuss.

Posted on Apr 29th, 2007 by VK

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4 thoughts on “Google Toolbar PageRank (PR) Update

  1. Ollie

    Hey VK,

    Yeah, this pagerank show is still going on!

    Having mixed results, but you’re right about announcement blogs, my PR went from PR4 to PR3 but now is PR0, but must say got a lot more inner pages indexed though!

    Must say I am doing a poor job of promoting it, because I know it really should have more links pointing to it but than again all the posts, bar the translated ones are in supplemental, how to get out of this?



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