US Proxy Servers

US Proxy Servers

Why would you need a US Proxy Server?


This post may be interesting for you if you’re an Internet Marketer located outside US.

If you’re located in Canada, UK, Australia, France, Belgium, India, Malaysia, Thailand or other places outside USA, you may need a US Proxy Server in the scope of your business communication or just to be able to access some web sites that are normally only accessible by US citizen.

Now my tech company VK Solutions is now able to offer US Proxy Servers access via VK LabX, my tech research lab division.

We began to promote our US Proxy Server offering since less than 2 weeks. We use mainly the free organic search engine channel for promotion and of course a good dose of SEO and our offer in the Top 10 results, which is not bad for a less than 2 week organic SEO campaign.

OK I’ll ask a current user of such US Proxy Server to comment about his experience, so you”ll know better what a US Proxy Server is, and why you would need a US Proxy Server access.

Note – January 1st, 2008

The US Proxy Server offering of VK LabX is discontinued due to the low level of requests. It may be relaunched in the future if there’s more interest . Thanks for your understanding.

Posted on Apr 3rd, 2007 by VK

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2 thoughts on “US Proxy Servers

  1. Lav

    We have been having some difficulty seeing the US advertisers for a certain set of keywords on Google. We are Canada based, and when we use, it still shows only the Canadian advertisers for the products we are researching. Is there an easy way of doing this? Or is through a proxy the only way it can be done?


  2. Droid Tv

    If I am in the US and I want to target some UK or any other non-US country keyword will I need to host the site on a server located in the country Im targeting?

    If I want to rank for london taxi and I buy but I host it on my server here in the US will it rank as easy for searches coming from the UK as it will for searches coming from the US?


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